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Welcome to PRESS PLAY, our recurring web series featuring exclusive performances of extraordinary solos and duos recorded in high quality at the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto. Each jam-packed episode includes intimate and informative conversation on the how and why behind the music with host Joyce To and the artists who create the work.

Sit back, relax and Press Play! 

Joyce To (glockenspiel)
Joyce To, host of Press Play

Episode 15: A Cry From An Indian Wife

October 14, 2021 7pm

A Cry from an Indian Wife was first premiered in Toronto January 2017 and is a setting of E. Pauline Johnson (1861–1913) who is of Mohawk descent. The poem was published in 1885 and was one of the first about colonial injustices written from an Indigenous perspective for a white Canadian audience. Here, Johnson complicates notions of Nationalism and Indigenous identity. Writing about the Red River and Northwest Resistance from the viewpoint of an Indigenous woman whose husband goes to fight white Canadian forces, Johnson explores the conflicted psychology of a person attempting to sympathize with the enemy.The text is based on the events of the battle of Cut Knife Creek during the Riel Rebellion. First published by Charles G.D. Roberts in the Toronto magazine, The Week, in 1885.

Episode 14: In Memoriam Muhal Richard Abrams

September 23, 2021 7pm

American composer Dr. Tyshawn Sorey joins in conversation about his work In Memoriam: Muhal Richard Abrams performed by Carol Fujino (violin) and Joyce To (glockenspiel)

Muhal Richard Abrams was one of Tyshawn Sorey’s mentors and the founding president of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians. Abrams’ legacy is at once musical, spiritual, and communal. “It is a hard connection to put into words,” says Sorey, “but there was a kinship with Muhal that I hadn’t yet experienced with anyone else. The time that I spent with him on and offstage has proven invaluable beyond measure.”

Episode 13: Narayana’s Cows

August 19, 2021 7pm

In this first Press Play episode of our 37th season, we present Tom Johnson’s Narayana’s Cows in a co-presentation with the National Youth Orchestra of Canada featuring the incredible narration of Rhoma Spencer, and the percussion and piano sections of the NYOC.

In the late 1980s, British composer Tom Johnson was fascinated by a mathematical query attributed to Narayana, an Indian mathematician in the 14th century: 

“A cow produces one calf every year. Beginning in its fourth year, each calf produces one calf at the beginning of each year. How many cows and calves are there altogether after 20 years?”

Episode 12: Light and Water

June 10, 2021 7pm

Composer Linda Catlin Smith joins in conversation about her work Light and Water featuring Paul Widner (cello) and Ryan Scott (vibraphone)

Light and Water (2010) was written for Andy Smith (cello) and Rick Sacks (vibraphone) as a gift for my mother’s 75th birthday. She lived at the very end of Long Island, NY, where the light and water are always changing. – Linda C. Smith

Episode 11: Cinque

May 27, 2021 7pm

In this episode of Press Play, we feature Cinque, a piano solo in five movements by American composer Alvin Singleton, performed by Jackie Leung. Although this extraordinary work premiered in 1969, this is the first time the work has been recorded. Jackie Leung and Alvin Singleton introduce this fascinating work.

Episode 10: Malfunctionlieder

May 20, 2021 7pm

In this episode of PRESS PLAY, we feature Malfunctionlieder by Nicole Lizée. This truly captivating work pairs a duo of soprano Maeve Palmer and pianist Joy Lee with video. As you will see the result is an incredibly virtuosic work fully saturated in new technologies based in borrowed ideas. We welcome Toronto composer Bekah Simms to co-curate this episode of Press Play, with an introduction to Nicky’s work, and fascinating insight into the idea of borrowed material in contemporary music.

Episode 9: Greed Machine

May 6, 2021 7pm

Greed Machine is a short one movement piece featuring Jackie Leung (piano) and Ryan Scott (vibraphone) which explores the sustaining power and color of both instruments. The piece is based primarily upon large blocks of sustained sound with periodic interjections of running figures. The work explores the resonance of the vibraphone and piano, and as we learn directly from Mr. Singleton, is inspired by the aesthetic of the Modern Jazz Quartet featuring Milt Jackson on vibes and John Lewis on piano. Also featured in this episode is Mr. Singleton’s delightful short piano solo, written for students, Changing Faces.

Episode 8: Ricercar

April 29, 2021 7pm

Paul Widner has been a core member of Continuum’s ensemble since its creation in 1985, and here by his own request and introduced by composer Linda Catlin Smith, he performs Ricercar (originally written for baroque cello) on the modern cello.

“I love the sound of the Baroque cello, so I was very excited to write a piece for Elinor Frey, (commissioned by Daniel Cooper). I think of this piece as a melody in search of its harmony. The first part of the work explores a dance-like line; later the melody is lost into a place of utter spareness and stillness “almost like coming to terms with one’s innermost qualities“ and later again there is the appearance of a melodic chain of rich chords. My thanks go to Elinor Frey for suggesting the title (the word Ricercar means to search out), and for her beautiful interpretation of my music.” – Linda C. Smith

Episode 7: In My Own Skin

April 1, 2021 7pm

As Jackie Leung (piano) wrote to composer Alvin Singleton: “To me— In My Own Skin, seems to reflect your strong experiences with piano, jazz, and European classical training and your stance on how categorization defines oneself narrowly — instead In My Own Skin, seems to me like the music that just breathes within your own skin — as a result of your experiences with music.” – As you will hear in the episode, Mr. Singleton joins us in conversation and strongly agreed with this observation. more information HERE

Episode 6: NoaNoa

January 14, 2021 7pm

NoaNoa is a groundbreaking work written in collaboration with flutist Camilla Hoitenga, with electronics under the supervision of Jean-Baptiste Barriėre and programmed by Xavier Chabot. According to flutist Leslie Newman, “despite her desire to write a piece for solo flute, and with Camilla Hoitenga already in mind, Kaija Saariaho found the single line potential of the flute a frustration. So she found a way to make it an extraordinary, polyphonic instrument by employing singing, speaking and multiphonics. The voice is used to speak fragments of Paul Gauguin’s text – sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming, sometimes uttering a stream of percussive consonants – while at the same time playing the flute. Additionally, there are 63 pedal points written into the music with precise specificity. The pedal is used to start and end resonance, as well as to trigger pre-recorded sounds. In NoaNoa, Kaija Saariaho’s preoccupation with colour and texture distills into an exotic and sensual soundscape.”

Episode 5: Leslie Newman

December 11, 2020 8pm

Leslie Newman is not only one of the most celebrated and internationally renowned flutists in Canada, she is a musician’s musician held in the highest regard by her many colleagues. As an accomplished solo, chamber and orchestral flutist, Leslie is also a new music specialist and core member of Continuum’s ensemble. This Press Play episode features Leslie in a recital of extraordinary new solo works and foreshadows a concert soon-to-come featuring Leslie as soloist with the Continuum ensemble. In that future concert and this episode we feature world premieres by Anna Höstman and other works by Elena Firsova and Iman Habibi.

Episode 4: Amy Brandon

November 26, 2020 8pm

Based in Truro, Nova Scotia, Amy Brandon is an incredible composer who specializes in new technologies in music. Amy first worked with Continuum at PIVOT 2019 and she has recently made a splash on the international scene featured at the famed Gaudeamus Festival in Utrecht and received a new commission from the JACK Quartet in NYC. In a co-curated concert soon-to-come, Continuum will explore wearable, augmented reality and generative composition technologies with Amy. For this episode of Press Play, we discuss this exciting programming with many examples of the very newest ideas in technology and music, and explore her new app Boundary; an interactive augmented reality sound sculpture created as part of Screen Dive for the Gaudeamus Festival 2020.

Download the app HERE and play along with us at home!

Episode 3: Bongani Ndodana-Breen

November 12, 2020 8pm

South African composer Dr. Bongani Ndodana-Breen joins in conversation about his work Imbila performed by Rhoma Spencer (storyteller) and Nikki Joshi (percussion).

Little Imbila, the rock dassie, lays in the sun all day while his friends go to fetch their tails from Mamlambo, the river spirit:

The warmth of the African sun felt so good to Imbila as he stood up to stretch and yawn. “Ah, they don’t know how fine it feels to relax in the sun, rather than march all day”, he thought…

Join the family together for this clever warning about procrastination with an introduction from Bongani Ndodana-Breen; many of whom you’ll recall as the progenitor of the groundbreaking Ensemble Noir in the early 2000s in Toronto along with current members of Continuum.

Performance from Press Play Episode 3

Episode 2: HATCH Extras

October 28, 2020

If you saw our HATCH watch parties at the end of August, you already know you’re in for a treat. Some of our participants this year went above and beyond the call and recorded secondary works for your enjoyment after months of mentorship with our core ensemble members. We catch up with these extraordinary up-and-coming artists in conversation and listen to their incredible performances for the first time.

1) Roxanne Sicard, violin, performs Soliloque No. 2 (1994) by Serge Arcuri (CA)

2) Madison Freed, clarinet, performs Vocalise #1 (1989) by Murray Adaskin (CA)

3) Jackie Leung, piano, performs Improvisation: Reflecting on the poem ‘Caged Bird’ by Maya Angelou

Performances from Press Play Episode 2

Episode 1: Rodney Sharman & Atom Egoyan

October 16, 2020

Last June 5th, we were to premiere SHOW ROOM an opera by composer Rodney Sharman and librettist Atom Egoyan that was 5 years in the making and now postponed until the 2022/23 season. Join us for a conversation with Rodney and Atom alongside a world premiere piano reduction of an aria from the opera featuring mezzo soprano Andrea Ludwig and pianist Gregory Oh – and some fun!

SHOW ROOM excerpt: for Madeline* (2020)

The Pronoun Symphony (2018)

*world premiere

Performances from Press Play Episode 1