HATCH 2021 Call for Applications!


UPDATED April 23, 2021: With the current lock down situation in Ontario, we have decided to make a decision now on how this program will take place in June – August, rather than waiting until Mid-May as originally planned

We are delighted to announce that with the ongoing support of the Azrieli Foundation, we are able to continue our annual HATCH mentorship program for early-career performers and composers this summer, now in its third year.


Free to apply and the program does not have a tuition fee. 

NEW DEADLINE: May 7th, 2021



HATCH runs from June – August, 2021 – schedule TBD.

As most summer music festivals have cancelled activity for this season, our original intention to include 5 chamber works (3 from mentee composers and 2 from mentor composers) in multiple performances on tour is no longer possible. However our intention is still to provide a meaningful, unique and high-quality learning experience for HATCH participants. Most of this year’s activity will take place online (all individual lessons), but we will continue to look for every opportunity to work in person. To get a sense of the 2020 program and how we adapted to condition last year, visit our YouTube playlist.

This year performer participants will be working online with the Continuum core ensemble, and composers with mentors Hope Lee and Martin Arnold.


The six selected performers will:

  1. Receive mentorship in their instrument from Continuum’s core ensemble throughout the process. Mentors: Leslie Newman (fl), Anthony Thompson (cl), Carol Fujino (vn), Paul Widner (vcl), Gregory Oh (pno), and Ryan Scott (perc);
  2. Prepare a solo work assigned by their mentor for digital presentation and documentation on Continuum’s Youtube channel;
  3. Work on 3 new remotely assembled works. Each performer will be given their part of an ensemble piece for recording. These parts will be later assembled for video presentation;
  4. Receive a $600 honorarium.

Performers do not need their own recording equipment. Continuum will provide recording equipment and instructions, sanitizing all equipment prior to delivery, and utilizing “leave at door” delivery practices. Acknowledging that every participant will approach our online program with different experiences using audio and video capture equipment, we will also be providing additional specialized support in how to optimize your at-home documentation set-up from audio engineer Dennis Patterson (Big Smoke Audio/ CBC). For performers in the GTA, we have reserved time at the Canadian Music Centre July 24-30 for professional documentation of your works. It may be possible to include in-person recording with strict health protocols in place at that time. 

Final repertoire to be selected by June 1.


The task of the composer for HATCH 2021 is one that specifically responds to current music making practices that have emerged during safety measures being taken during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Composers should plan the majority of activity to happen between May 15 – July 6 (composition), with interaction with performers July 24-30.

The three selected composers will:

  1. Write a maximum 10 minute remotely assembled piece for Continuum’s HATCH ensemble (fl, cl, pno, perc, vn, vc). Each part should be made to be performed and recorded from the performers’ homes. Each part will have audio and video capture, which will then be assembled into a video with all of the parts;
  2. Receive mentorship from Hope Lee and Martin Arnold; and
  3. receive a $600 honorarium. 

Decisions will be arrived at by juries consisting of selected mentors and Continuum staff. Results will be announced May 15th, 2021.