Welcome to Continuum’s Online Archive!

Recently, we have created an easily searchable (and mobile friendly) online archive that includes every concert and project Continuum has created since July 21st, 1985. Whether you are an academic researcher trying to gain a macro perspective of Canadian contemporary music presentation or an audience member looking to remember a piece name or composer from a past concert, the archive makes it easy for you to answer all questions related to Continuum’s concert presentations – it is also really fun to just dig through everything that is there! The archive includes every composer presented, every performer, each piece, each concert poster, plus support material where possible and more.

You can access our archive directly at archive.continuummusic.ca

Here are two videos that quickly walk you through the process of using the archive:

This massive project was made possible by MOUTHOFTIGER Studios who worked closely with our Operations Manager, Jason Doell, who was the project manager for this extensive website build. We also hired our former University of Toronto intern, Joyce To, who spent countless hours of digitizing, uploading, and organizing Continuum materials. We greatly thank Xuan Ye from MOT, Jason and Joyce for all their work in making this substantial contribution to Continuum’s ongoing transition to a fully digital environment.