Join us for our participatory workshop on Rounding by Cassandra Miller!

Be a part of the Toronto premiere of a vocal work by Cassandra Miller!

As part of our concert programme for our June 8th show, (sur)rounding, Continuum Contemporary Music will be performing the semi-improvised vocal piece, Rounding, by Cassandra Miller. This piece is written for two or more trained or untrained singers (in any or no genre), and we are looking for volunteer singers of all skill levels to join the performers in our ensemble. Singers creating in any and all genres are encouraged to participate. Participants will participate in and receive a complimentary ticket for the evening’s concert, sur(rounding).

Including preparation time (reading instructions and downloading an app), this is an approximately two hour commitment, and a unique opportunity to perform a new and highly expressive work among fellow singers and friends.

Rounding is a part of Canadian composer Cassandra Miller’s ongoing fascination with “automatic singing”, a practice of singing along to music while meditating. In this spirit, preparing and performing this piece is not so much about “getting it right” as it is about embracing the process and seeing what happens. 


  • Able to attend the workshop and performance from 6pm to 7:15pm on June 8th at St. George by the Grange (30 Stephanie Street)
  • Able to read and follow written and verbal instructions (ability to read sheet music is not required)
  • Smartphone and earbuds or airpods
  • BandLab (free smartphone app that allows for simultaneous recording and playback)
  • Approximately half an hour of free time in advance of the workshop to prepare (read instructions and download and test BandLab)

The workshop for this piece (6pm-7pm) will consist of a brief, body-scan meditation done together as a group, followed by a combination of individual and group recordings responding to a two minute track provided by the composer. The recordings will become the source material that the performance is based on. 

If you are interested in joining us in our performance of Rounding, please fill out the form below

On June 5th, all interested participants will receive an email containing the score/instructions for the piece and an instructional video on how to use BandLab.

If you have questions about Rounding or the workshop/performance, please email