HATCH is Continuum’s summer-intensive mentorship program for early-career composers, conductors, and performers.

HATCH 2020 Participants:

This year’s composer participants were Robyn Jacob, Holly Winter and David Foley. The received mentorship from  HATCH mentor composers Anna Höstman and Emilie LeBel. Each participant composer wrote a piece for the HATCH participant ensemble who worked and recorded remotely with each part being assembled into a video presentation for each work.

Continuum’s core ensemble mentored the HATCH 2020 performer participants including Roxanne Sicard (violin), Allison Rich (cello), Florence Laurain (flute), Madison Freed (clarinet), Jackie Leung (piano) and Nikki Joshi (percussion) who performerd as soloists in works by Ana Sokolovic, Harry Freedman, Michael Oesterle, Dinuk Wijeratne. Additionally, our conductor mentee Lorenzo Guggenheim is studied the art of conducting (including score preparation and score reading) with Brian Current.

HATCH 2020 Videos:


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