PRESS PLAY Episode 47: mirror of four unknowns

Episode 47: mirror of four unknowns

May 1, 2024

mirror of four unknowns (2019)


Christina Volpini (CA), composer

Aaron Schwebel, violin

Carol Lynn Fujino, violin

Sheila Jaffe, viola

Paul Widner, cello


Programme Note:

“mirror of four unknowns was developed with the Echéa Quartet at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity. I was interested in exploring ways that a work could be informed by the specific musicians performing the piece, offering a reflection of the performers themselves. The musicians shape the textures of the first movement through flexible musical structures while also creating the projected visuals. Each musician presents small, precious objects that hold meaning to them, deciding in the moment how to place each one in relation to the other’s objects. In contrast to the visual elements of the first movement, the second movement turns inward, focusing on gradual shifts in colour and intonation.” – Christina Volpini

PRESS PLAY Episode 47: mirror of four unknowns

production sponsors

Dr. Peter Burns

The Mary-Margaret Webb Foundation