Friday, June 9 at 8pm
The Music Gallery
(918 Bathurst St., Toronto)
Teen Composer Award Presentation at 7:45pm

Electric grit meets apocalyptic folk in this multimedia event with a world premiere by co-curator Bekah Simms. Solo Jaw-Harpist chik white joins audiovisual artist Dan Tapper to explore the disintegration of sound. Also featured in pre-concert is the 7th annual Teen Composer Award.

Bekah Simms (CA), co-curator and composer
chik white (CA), jaw harp
Dan Tapper (CA), digital artist and technical director

Raven Chacon (US), The Journey of the Horizontal People (2016)
Rohan Chander (US), All I Need From U is Shanti (2018) Video by Rose Generoso
Clara Iannotta (IT), Al di lá del bianco (2009)
Bekah Simms (CA), Spore Wind* (2023)
Christina Volpini (CA), mirror of the four unknowns (2019)
chik white (CA), Improvisation

Runtine: Approx. 1hr 30 min. with 20 min. intermission

*world premiere
Bekah’s commission is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.


chik white Photo Credit: Heather Rappard


production sponsors

Dr. Peter Burns

The Mary-Margaret Webb Foundation