Episode 6: NoaNoa


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Episode 6: NoaNoa

January 14, 2021, 7pm

NoaNoa, for solo flute and electronics (1992) 9’

Kaija Saariaho (FN)

Leslie Newman, flute

NoaNoa is a groundbreaking work written in collaboration with flutist Camilla Hoitenga, with electronics under the supervision of Jean-Baptiste Barriėre and programmed by Xavier Chabot. According to Leslie, “despite her desire to write a piece for solo flute, and with Camilla Hoitenga already in mind, Kaija Saariaho found the single line potential of the flute a frustration. So she found a way to make it an extraordinary, polyphonic instrument by employing singing, speaking and multiphonics. The voice is used to speak fragments of Paul Gauguin’s text – sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming, sometimes uttering a stream of percussive consonants – while at the same time playing the flute. Additionally, there are 63 pedal points written into the music with precise specificity. The pedal is used to start and end resonance, as well as to trigger pre-recorded sounds. In NoaNoa, Kaija Saariaho’s preoccupation with colour and texture distills into an exotic and sensual soundscape.”

Episode 6: NoaNoa

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