Episode 36: On the Sensations of Tone #1

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Episode 36: On the Sensations of Tone #1
April 20, 2023  7pm
On the Sensations of Tone #1 (2015)

Anthony Tan (CA), composer

HATCH 2022 Ensemble:
Arlan Vriens, violin
Emma Schmiedecke, cello
Amanda Lowry, flute
Anjali Covill, clarinet
Randall Chaves, percussion
Ricardo Ferro, piano
Kelly Lin, conductor

Programme Note:

The title of this work references Hermann Helmoltz’s classical acoustics text: On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music (1863). This book combines physics, physiology and psychological aspects of listening in order to explain the origins of musical notions of harmony and dissonance. I began to question if it would be possible to achieve a purely sensorial experience of timbre divorced from cultural and sociological influences? Thus, for this work I utilized culturally ‘heavy‘ musical objects and attempted to return them to a purely physical experience. These musical objects can be direct instrumental qualities such

as the sound of a piano, or common musical structures, such as an octave. Through the use of various repetitive and contextual placements, I hope to remove the subjective notion of certain timbral qualities and represent them as pure sensorial objects. – Anthony Tan

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Episode 36: On the Sensations of Tone #1

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