Episode 35: фенікс cycle

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Episode 35: фенікс cycle
April 6, 2023  7pm
фенікс cycle* (2022)

Carly Splett (CA), composer

HATCH 2022 Ensemble:
Arlan Vriens, violin
Emma Schmiedecke, cello
Amanda Lowry, flute
Anjali Covill, clarinet
Randall Chaves, percussion
Ricardo Ferro, piano
Kelly Lin, conductor

* world premiere

Programme Note:

This work (feniks [Ukrainian] cycle or phoenix cycle) is inspired by  the story of creation, based on pagan Slavic legend, as it relates to  the legend of the phoenix, which likely originates from ancient  Egypt. The legend of creation tells of a vast ocean, and that a bird (phoenix) dives deep to the bottom of the ocean, finds a stone, and  brings it up, which creates the sun and initiates the creation of the  rest of the world. The piece begins with the portrayal of this story, and then transitions in a poetic statement inspired by the weather  transitioning in winter/spring, to the first box section for song 1, inspired by the folk song Sztoj pa moru. The next section floats song  2, Kupalinka, in texture inspired by the transition from summer hail  to harsher fall weather. This leads to the song 3, Oy yak zhe bulo izprezhdy vika, which tells of that story of creation, and the piece ends with a portrayal of bringing the end of the world, and returning  to the state of the vast ocean. The first and third songs are treated in  a compositional style meant to embody the energy of folk songs  being sung by small groups a cappella, where not everyone is perfectly in sync or in tune. – Carly Splett

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Episode 35: фенікс cycle

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