Episode 33: at the fissures

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Episode 33: at the fissures
January 26, 2023  7pm
at the fissures* (2022)

Yon Chekhanovich (CA), composer

HATCH 2022 Ensemble:
Arlan Vriens, violin
Emma Schmiedecke, cello
Amanda Lowry, flute
Anjali Covill, clarinet
Randall Chaves, percussion
Ricardo Ferro, piano
Kelly Lin, conductor

* world premiere

Programme Note:

at the fissures is grounded in liminality and the idea of a rite of passage. The piece involves constant efforts to reach a sense of stability, and each time it seems to be attained, something of a different nature or scope emerges and dismantles it. The piece seeks to go beyond the western-habituated notion of stability and, in a way, returns to something more basal – it invites an astute listening to sound over time in order to appreciate the subtle interactions and emergent processes that occur within it.  – Yon Chekhanovich

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Episode 33: at the fissures

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