Episode 31: some people might be good

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Episode 31: some people might be good
November 24, 2022  7pm
some people might be good* (2021)

Robert Fleitz (US), composer
Natalie Fasheh, voice
Carol Fujino, violin
Paul Widner, cello
Arie Verheul van de Ven, viola
Martin van de Ven, clarinet
Matti Pulkki, accordion
Ryan Scott, percussion

Ruth Howard, Concept collaborator, designer, director
Choreographic contributors: Animikiikwe Couchie-Waukey, Michelle Silagy

Movers: Tijana Spasic, Rakefet Arieli, Pesch Nepoose, Catherine Moeller, Susana Meza, Abir AbouelSadaat, Monica Olvera, Liza Konovalov, Melanie Fernandez Alvares, Ximena Huizi, Hodan Ibrahim, Tasmeen Syed, Deanna Jones, D-Lishus Walton, Summera Khan, Afsaneh Zamani Developmental phase musicians: Sam Rowlandson-O’Hara, Dennis Fleitz, Giancarlo Latta

Text from Reinhardt Frank’s USC Shoah Foundation Interview

* world premiere


Programme Note:

Some People Might Be Good is a collection of musical- and movement-improvisation scores inspired by and written for Ruth Howard and Jumblies Theatre + Arts’ Grounds for Goodness project. The overarching project has many iterations: its genesis in lesser known Holocaust histories, spanning into the present through contributions from a variety of community members, in ever-deepening exploration of the mystery and remarkable realization of human goodness and group behavior. In Ruth’s words, it is a project “that speaks from the present and reaches for hope and lightness, albeit rooted in dark inherited memories and places.” Over the long course of development of this music-movement work, there has been an ongoing dialogue between sound and object. Sometimes the tableau of objects influences the sound, sometimes the other way around. This suite of improvisation scores cultivates a musical parallel to the qualities necessary for spontaneous goodness and empathy: listening, patience, ambiguity, ease, gravity, vulnerability. Much like the stories, objects, and contributions that have become the fabric for the project as a whole, my compositional material is also completely rooted in the movement, sounds, and thought of the artists involved in its development. To the extent that there is or will be a “finished” score, it will be from the collective work of these individuals.

The basis of the work is the following quote from Auschwitz survivor Reinhard Frank’s interview with the USC Shoah Foundation:

I would tell them, and this is my perhaps idealistic view of the world, that even in the bleakest situation there are always some people who might be good, but very very few, that cruelty can be much worse than we imagine, that human beings have much more strength than most people imagine, and that people really should do the right thing, they should speak up when they see that things are wrong. That’s about it.

This creation of this piece was supported by funds from the Canada Council of the Arts and Ontario Arts Council. – Robert Fleitz

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Episode 31: some people might be good

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