Episode 29: Commedia Della Musica

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Episode 29: Commedia Della Musica
October 13, 2022  7pm
Commedia Della Musica (2017)

Jimmie LeBlanc (CA), composer
Carol Fujino, violin
Paul Widner, cello
Leslie Newman, flute
Anthony Thompson, clarinet
Ryan Scott, percussion
Stephanie Chua, piano

Programme Notes:

Commedia dell’arte is a theatrical genre that appeared in the 16th century and was meant to be a kind of satire of the social mores of the time. Through characters such as Pantalon, the Doctor, Harlequin, Colombine or Polichinelle, a set of social archetypes (aristocrats, servants, etc.) is staged through some intrigue made of treason, covetousness, conspiracy or any other human all too human quirk … Each story is thus defined in the form of canvas from which comedians improvise the show. Scenes making the story moving forward are also interspersed with lazzi, more or less acrobatic numbers prepared in advance. In all this, laughter, goinfrerie, piquancy and mockery set the tone, and above all this squeaky mess hover the innamorati (the “lovers”), who speak between them the language of love, displaying sensitivity and refinement that seem from another world (maybe that gives them an aspect of eternity in perfect contrast with the other characters …).

In Commedia della musica, I wondered what musical archetypes could allow me to paint a portrait of our world today. So I took the game to summon musical personalities who, through allusions, quotes or technical borrowing. seemed to me to be able to translate an aspect of our reality: who could come to talk to us about infobesity, cyber-attack, multiplicity, sacredness, globalized mobility, climatic upheaval, terrorism, and of course … of love … Without giving all the keys of the associations that I made (very freely and not without humor!), here are the titles of each section (or “scenes”) of the piece: Carcerati d’invenzione; Lazzo del minimalista; Colonna infinita; Libro dei mutamenti (I Ching); Mystico-elastico; Vertigo temporis; Lazzo (mashup) del terrorista; Cataclisma naturale; Lonely Pierrot …One last warning: any resemblance to known (musical) characters is not fortuitous! – Jimme LeBlanc

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Episode 29: Commedia Della Musica

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