Episode 28: Liquid Sunshine

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Episode 28: Liquid Sunshine
September 29, 2022   7pm
Liquid Sunshine* (2022)

Britney Dawn Do (CA), composer

Carol Fujino, violin
Paul Widner, cello
Leslie Newman, flute
Anthony Thompson, clarinet
Stephanie Chua, piano
Ryan Scott, percussion

*world premiere

Programme Notes:

It’s never easy waking up while it’s still pitch black outside, and waiting for the bus in negative-degree weather is always the worst, especially when it seemed as if the sky was having a mental breakdown. The wind usually made the rain fly in all directions, disregarding the laws of gravity to the point where I didn’t even know where to point my umbrella. This happens on most mornings from the month of September to March.

But by the time I’ve gotten on the bus, light begins to flow from the east and the clouds are tinged with pink and orange. It was the beauty of the sky that gave me motivation each morning. Although I couldn’t physically feel the warmth amidst the freezing temperatures, the sunshine always lightened up my spirit.

This piece was inspired by the beautiful sunrise that I encounter every morning on my way to school. I would like to thank my wonderful mentor, Lieke van der Voort, who guided me throughout my journey of writing this piece, and I’d also like to thank Continuum for the generous opportunity that they have provided me. – Britney Dawn Do

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Episode 28: Liquid Sunshine

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