Episode 25: Velvet

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This episode was co-curated by Press Play host Joyce To.

Episode 25: Velvet

Jun 2, 2022

Velvet (2010)

Kate Moore (AU), composer

Allison Rich, cello

Jacqueline Leung, piano


Programme Notes:

Commissioned by Ashley Bathgate and Lisa Moore, with the assistance of The Australia Council for the Arts, Velvet was inspired by the depiction of cloth in Renaissance paintings – movement, vitality and earthiness are captured and distilled within the frame and stillness of the painting. The shades of light and dark are emphasized by the lines and creases where the sun catches its outlines. Where the tactile fabric is inverted, shadows are made darker by the turgid grottos and canyons carved into the tectonic landscape of its folds. – Kate Moore

Episode 25: Velvet

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