Episode 20: Vines and Shadows

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Episode 20: Vines and Shadows

Jan 27, 7pm

Vines and Shadows (2016)

Anna Höstman (CA), composer

Wesley Shen, harpsichord


Programme Notes:

Vines and Shadows is the first of three works that I have composed for Toronto keyboardist Wesley Shen.

When first composing for harpsichord, I was really taken by how visceral and percussive the release mechanism of the harpsichord could sound. I became interested in how letting go of pitches in an emphasized way sounded like tearing little holes in a sonority, leaving behind traces and patterns like ghosts and shadows.

The last passage of the composition reverses this process, attending to the accumulation of pitches, rather than their release. – Anna Höstman

Episode 20: Vines and Shadows

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