Episode 16: Comodidad del Aturdido

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Episode 16: Comodidad del Aturdido

Nov 4, 7pm

Comodidad del Aturdido (2018)

Mauro Zannoli (AR), composer

Anthony Thompson, bass clarinet

Matthew Pencer, electronics

Programme Notes:

Comodidad del Aturdido (Stunned’s Comfort), composed in 2018 for Bass Clarinet and multichannel Live Electronics, is a reaction, a scream, and a metaphor for excess information and the overload of stimuli we are immersed in. The piece is composed around a saturation process in both the instrument and electronics. A palette of saturated sounds from the Clarinet (noisy multiphonics, voice singing and shouting into the instrument, and harmonics played frenetically) feeds the electronic device, adding another noisy layer by different distortions, granulation, and feedback processes. I composed this piece in close collaboration with Martin Moore, a fantastic clarinet player with whom I have explored the timbrical possibilities of the Bass Clarinet. – Mauro Zannoli



Episode 16: Comodidad del Aturdido

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